Knox Box Information

Title:  Auburn-Williams Fire District Adopts Knox-Box Keybox System  


Through the years our department had been presented a key(s) to your property which we have maintained for use in the event of an emergency.  With the growth of our community and increasing number of key storage requests, we have come to the conclusion that the current practice is becoming cumbersome and difficult to manage.  After reviewing several options, the Auburn Williams Fire District Board decided to implement the Knox-Box Entry System to better serve the needs of the community while being able to ensure security to those who wish to provide key access to their buildings.  Beginning in January 2008, our department will return all previously held keys to home/business owners.  If you so choose, you may want to install a Knox-Box on the exterior of your building.  The UL listed Knox-Box Entry System allows firefighters to gain quick access to your building by having one Master Key that will fit all boxes.  A Master Key will be maintained in two of the fire-rescue trucks in a special computerized lock box.  The truck boxes can only be opened by a firefighter using his/her own special pin code.  The truck Knox-Box will record the time the box is opened and the pin number used to open the box.  Written reports will be generated to review the key usage.  This secured system has worked very well for fire departments across the country.Detailed information about the Knox Box system may be found on the internet at   If you would like to receive information on how to order Knox-Box hardware for your building, or if you have any questions, please contact Chief Snyder at 989 662-2699.